What is a Columbarium?

A columbium is a maintained place to repose ashes (in an urn or other suitable container). Generally, each space or “Niche” is 12” high by 12” wide, and deep enough to accommodate two containers.  Each niche has a granite covering that may be custom engraved to memorialize the person(s) whose ashes are inside the niche. Niches are individually sealed and installed in columns and rows, with a brick or concrete base and finished sides.

Where is the Columbarium Located?

The columbarium is attached to the West side of the church, near the rose garden.

What are the benefits of a Columbarium at St. Francis?

Open to all Christian members of our community, The Columbarium offers a sacred space for you and your loved ones and a picturesque, tranquil spot for family and friends to visit. Both single and double niches are currently available at very affordable prices.Our Sanctuary, directly adjacent to the Columbarium, is available for memorial services conducted by our parish priest or by clergy of your choice.

How can I express my interest or get more information?

Please fill out and return the Columbarium Interest Form which is available at the Church entrance and from the Church Office.